Paul Douglas Pictures: Blog en-us (C) Paul Douglas Pictures (Paul Douglas Pictures) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:26:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:26:00 GMT Paul Douglas Pictures: Blog 120 60 everyone a winner Yesterday I was out and about taking pics at events around Inverurie. Different parts of the town were buzzing with a variety of events from the river raft race to the town hall jazz festival finale. For me however I had the privilege of capturing a picture from a very high step ladder of the boys, girls and coaches of Colony Park FC. As probably the biggest club in the North East they offer football to all ages and all abilities and it was great to see them parade through the town behind Kintore Pipe Band as they made their way to their Annual Presentation Night at the Town Hall. Unlike many clubs they don't hand out trophies to everyone - only those who have the support of their fellow players and admiration of their coaches, win awards. As a club their focus is on providing football to as many youngsters as they can and from time to time they win Leagues, Cups and Tournaments. Every competitive level Colony team sets out to win and they don't fold teams simply because they are bottom of the league or win no trophies. Its the love of football, not the love of winning, that makes this club special

But every player walks away from the presentation event with a vital prize - next seasons training t-shirt and the knowledge they are part of a truly great club.

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jump for joy One of those strange sayings, jump for joy. What is it that makes some of us want to leap in the air when something good happens . Recently watched an amateur football match involving Insch in the final fixture of the season and captured one of those moments of sheer joy. Unfortunately it was short lived as their opposition equalised with 3 minutes remaining thus denying, albeit temporarily, a league championship. Insch went on to win their play off 4 -0 against Tarves and secure promotion to the premier !



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Children Have No Fear Trip down memory lane yesterday as I went to meet the kids at Logie Durno Playgroup and their visit from Zoolabs. As both my sons used the Hall for all sorts of activities it was a regular haunt for us for football, cubs, scouts etc and the occasional ceilidh or band night. The hall is looking good having been refurbished a while back and there was plenty space for Fran Howard of Zoolabs to introduce the youngsters to a range of creatures with small creatures including a corn snake, tarantula, hermit crab, white rat, millipede, giant cockroach and a giant African snail. Fran made it real fun for the toddlers who showed little fear and were able to get up close and handle some of the creatures. I know children this young are supposed to  have a short attention span but not on this occasion! They were engrossed for over an hour, and very quiet indeed.



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My first blog. In the 70s and 80s I would keep a diary, but somehow life gets busy and like zillions of others suddenly there is no time to reflect. When something happens in your life that that brings you to the point where you have to think about life itself then reflection is a pre-requisite. My Dad died a week ago today. He was 87 , had an eventful life and went peacefully and fairly quickly. But he was the last buffer for me as my Mum died some time ago. So it's me next. What a thought. And maybe I need to reflect on life around me , my life and others lives. And so my blog begins. 

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